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Two Scripts by Sandi Jerome selected for Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinals
Two of Sandi Jerome's scripts, LAST HAND and FIRST MAN were select out of a record breaking 6,048 entries to be among the 320 that advance to the next round. There were both first drafts and will be entered again in 2023.

Use of Deadly Force by Sandi Jerome wins contest
Sandi Jerome is the First Place Winner of A/Exposure Contest - Annually, this site is visited by over 250,000 producers, studio executives, director, actors, writers etc., from ALL over the world. People in Europe are especially keen on material penned by American writers.

Sandi Jerome selected as a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Project with Princess Quest  - Animated feature

Sandi Jerome's animation script - Runaway Cricket is in production at by a first time producer. Written based on story by the producer at spec.

Nicholls Fellowship


Anadisgoi Article

Available Books - seeking a publisher and/or literary agent.

Sleep Warrior - Aya, a pre-teen, starts sleepwalking, but in reality, her Cherokee ancestor, Clarissa, takes over her body at night to perform superhero feats. Think of Pocahontas or Moana meets the terror of a new middle school. The flying horse and talking bears are fictional, but Clarissa is my actual Cherokee ancestor.  31K Middle Grade Fantasy.

I think the time is right for this type of book. On page 28 of Anadisgoi, the official publication of the Cherokee Nation there is an article about the Marvel Voices Heritage - Indigenous Voices that will have a Cherokee character in a future series. This is the artwork created by a member of the Cherokee Nation for Marvel Voices.

Murder at the Magic Kingdom - As a modern-day Enola Holmes, Wilma Wallaby is an aspiring kick-ass 13-year-old detective who has grown up being physically abused by her bully of an older brother. When she overhears a real murder being planned at Disney World, she must stand up against her sibling in her own crafty way before she is the one who gets murdered.  45K word Young Adult.

Rhine River Cruising

 Rhine River Cruising: A Viking Journey of Castles and Chocolate
After I started to book a Viking cruise, I found the decisions overwhelming. When to go? European rivers had level problems all summer during the drought. Where do we go? How do we get there? What do I pack? Which deck is better?  It took a lot, but I figured it out with the help of a few Facebook groups. I kept so many notes that I put them in a free e-book on my website, but so many wanted a printed copy to take on the cruise. I agreed to publish this book to help others make the tough decisions that I did. This was the most significant travel expense I had ever spent; in the end, it was the best trip! We had many mishaps; missing luggage, a hurricane, and an airport closure – but we got through everything thanks to my careful planning and the wonderful people at Viking Cruises. I hope this book can help you along the way, no matter which cruise you pick.  Order printed copy on  Amazon

Amazing Animals of Disney's Animal Kingdom: A Walking Tour of Disney's Zoo

Did you know that Disney has a zoo? Although Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world, it is also a fully functional zoo. Disney's Animal Kingdom is accredited by both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums which means this theme park has met or exceeded requirements in education, research, and conservation. This walking tour is meant to give you that zoo visit experience and encounter with the animals. Instead of dashing to the next theme park ride, why not spend a few hours learning about these amazing animals? You will enjoy a magical time with fascinating creatures large and small. This guide is meant to help you learn about each animal; their native habitat, what they like to eat, and for some – how they have become stars on Disney+ shows and Disney movies. Unfortunately, they can’t give you their autograph, but if you look closely; maybe you’ll see Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. This book also provides some tips on making your Disney’s Animal Kingdom visit magical including places to eat and get out of the heat, rain, or cold. I hope you enjoy this guide and your visit to the happiest place on earth.  Click on picture to order or see all my books on Amazon,  This book is also available on Bookshop and Ingram (school orders) as ISBN 9781736034842.  Barnes and Noble - Bookshop

Amazing Animals of Disney's Animal Kingdom
Super Reporting

Super Reporting

Catch me if you can! Although this guide is not written as an internal control guide – or a means to protect your dealership from future theft -- the objective is to help you use both financial and operational reporting to monitor your dealership or group of dealerships. After hearing about the controller that stole over 10 million, I wrote this book to help management run better reports, not only to make more profit but to make sure everyone knows "we are watching you!"

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Super Controller Guide

  Super Controller  Guide1-2-3 

Do you want to switch from being a “bean counter” to a “Super Controller", Office Manager, or CFO? Are you new to the industry? This guide which is a compilation of Sandi’s popular Super Controller 1, 2, and 3 books lets you learn step-by-step on how to do things in the automotive, truck, RV dealership like measure technician productivity, reconcile parts inventory and find shortages, create benchmarks, understand the sales department and for the accounting office - ways to make your job easier - how to reconcile floor plan, close the books in 3 days, calculate days supply of used vehicles - and so much more! Do you need more time in your day? Are you doing your office tasks the easiest way possible? This guide includes over 300 tasks that Super Controllers should be doing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or during the Close and who should do the task by skill level. The employees and expenses sections have job descriptions and pay plans for this industry. There are dozens of free spreadsheets that can be downloaded with the instructions in the guide. . Order Kindle version on Amazon

Profit Accounting Guide

  Profit Account Guide

The Profit Accounting Guide shows you how to become a profit-focused dealership manager, gives you exercises to do on your own, and a special hands-on section to learn Excel better. Learn how to determine your dealership’s breakeven point and ways to increase service, parts, and sales gross and reduce expenses. It discusses parts shortages and technician productivity. Help you increase office productivity by eliminating time wasters. It is the written version of Sandi’s popular 2-day Profit Accounting Academy. Order Kindle version on Amazon

Princess Quest

Princess Quest by Chandra Jerome based on a screenplay by Sandra Jerome

I wanted to learn how to write novels, so during the Covid lockdown, I had my yoga instructor granddaughter, Chandra, learn how to convert screenplays to novels.  She converted my award-winning screenplay Princess Quest into a novel.  My best friend, Laura and granddaughter, Tulaasi did the amazing color graphics.  Click on the Look inside at Amazon to view them. 

About Princess Quest; Kira, the fearless preteen princess of the mythical kingdom of Latavia, has trained her whole life to rule until her father remarried and a male heir was born. When the new prince is kidnapped, Kira becomes a suspect. Kira and her childhood friend, Henry, must lead a quest through the Forbidden Lands to save her kingdom, prove her loyalty, and discover her heart. They encounter twin trolls that want to eat them, a monstrous mountain that won’t let them pass and a poison snake bridge that threatens their lives. But these dangers are not what they must fear the most. An exciting tale for all ages!

1-2-3 for Small Business

  Easy  1-2-3 For Small Business

by Sandra Cook Jerome, C.P.A.
Published in 1990 by Compute! Book ( Ziff Davis bought Compute!'s assets  in 1994) 
ISBN-10: 0-87455-205-2 / 0874552052
ISBN-13: 978-0-87455-205-8 / 9780874552058


Delta Pi – Delta Pi is a comedy in the Legally Blonde style about the first girl to pledge a fraternity. After a name mix up and a cruel trick gets Jordan an invitation to join a prestigious law fraternity where she finds that the only room left in town might be the only place where she belongs. Quarterfinalist Scriptalooza, Semi-finalist in the screenwriting contest, First Round Finalist Open Door/Benderspink, Second-round Austin Film Festival, Top 100 in Scriptshark. 
Last Hand – Drama - Madison is the best blackjack dealer and card counter in Las Vegas but is she good enough to win a million dollars? Quarterfinalist in Nicholl Fellowship, Top 10 Finalist in, Second-round finalist Austin Film Festival. 
First Man - A romantic comedy. Jake expected a lot of unusual things to happen during his career as a major league baseball player, but marrying the President wasn’t one of them. Are we ready for a male “first lady?” Quarterfinalist Scriptalooza, Semifinalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest. Semi-Finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. Quarterfinalist in Nicholl Fellowship. Second-round Austin Film Festival. 
Backup - A medical thriller. When a dying doctor develops a procedure to "backup" his mind to a computer, a young single mother suspects her son has become the next step in the experiment. Top 10 finalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest. Honorable Mention – Willamette Screenwriting Contest. 
Aloha Princess – Kalani is a teen who can’t wait to get off the island and start film school at USC, but when she loses her job and doesn’t have the tuition money, she reluctantly enters a hula contest that could make her the next Queen of Hawaii. A drama about family. Semi-finalist in the screenwriting contest. Second-round Austin Film Festival. 
Use of Deadly Force – Female action/adventure about the takeover of a nuclear power plant. Teresa Ramirez is a fearless member of an elite security force at a nuclear power plant. When terrorists take over the plant, Teresa must struggle to protect her family, the public, and most of all - her honor. First Place Winner of A/Exposure Contest. 
Time for Lily – An elderly woman, Lily, sits in "God's waiting room" at an assisted living center with too much time on her hands, while Megan, a single mom, never has enough time. When their lives are switched, they must learn to survive in someone else's moment in time. A comedy about time - think Freaky Friday meets Golden Girls. First-Round Finalist in Script Magazine Open Door Contest.
Princess Quest – Children/Animation - Kira, the fearless Princess of the mythical kingdom of Latavia, had trained her whole life to rule until her father remarried and a male heir was born. When the child is kidnapped, Kira must lead a quest through forbidden lands to save her kingdom, prove her loyalty, and discover her heart. (Also a children’s chapter book for children/young adults.) Quarter Finalist in Scriptapalooza Competition. Semi-Finalist in the Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project. Now adapted as a book. Read Princess Quest
Heavenly Things - Danny is an Episcopalian priest struggling to find love when wearing the clergy collar, while soon to be married, Jessica only has a passion for her wolf restoration project. When Danny is mistaken for a BMW car salesman, they meet and the howling begins. A family-friendly romantic comedy. Semifinalist in's New Millennium Celebrations, Screenplay Contest.
Just Shy of Perfect - A romantic comedy. What if two people met in an overcoming shyness seminar? Better yet, what if neither one of them belonged there? 
Last Woman - A Thriller about Fear. Ten years ago, Danielle suffered a horrible physical attack that led her to develop a safety device to send her to a parallel universe when her life is threatened. When she discovers the reality of this other world, she must decide whether to live the rest of her life alone or return to a world more horrible than she can imagine. What if you were the last woman on Earth?
Produced screenplays;
The Baby- is a dramatic short, based on the short story, L"Enfant written by Octave Mirbeau in 1885. It is a morbid tale of the trial of a man accused of killing his newborn child. Produced by a first-time film producer/director, Patrick Query.
Runaway Cricket is sold and being produced by (animation company.)

About Sandi

Sandra Cook Jerome

Sandra Cook Jerome - Sandi Jerome is a retired magazine editor, writer, and PAL author of non-fiction for the technology and accounting industry. To make the transition to creative work, she completed the Advanced Screenwriter program at UCLA and has written a dozen screenplays; many of them have been finalists in various contests.

As a programmer, she developed a software product that she sold in 2022 and decided to switch to middle-grade fiction. Her granddaughter converted one of Sandi’s screenplays; Princess Quest into a novel and then Sandi helped Chandra self-publish.

After attending the SCBWI Conference, her first novel, Sleep Warrior has been requested by agents and editors. Sleep Warrior is a middle-grade fiction based on her actual Cherokee ancestors and Sandi is a registered and blood member of the Cherokee Nation.

Sandi is certified Disney expert and she wrote and published a non-fiction book; The Amazing Animals of Disney’s Animal Kingdom which she has submitted to Disney’s purchasing department. As a Florida pass holder, she visits the parks each week and was inspired to write her second middle-grade novel, Murder at the Magic Kingdom.

This 30,000-page middle-grade fiction is about Wilma Wallaby who is an aspiring detective about to start middle school. She has learned Krav Maga and Judo to protect herself from an abusive older brother and recently got certified by the Institute of Internet Investigations. After her brother and his friend ditch her at the Magic Kingdom, she overhears a real murder being planned next to the park at Disney's Grand Floridian and is “hot on the case.” One problem; she is not supposed to leave the park alone and if she does, she cannot get back in without her brother. But that is minor compared to trying to foil a murder plot while being kidnapped and trapped in a hotel closet.

Sandi hopes to write more Disney set fiction like this; Escape from Epcot and Abducted at the Animal Kingdom. Her current project is Sandi’s first attempt at a YA - Moon Sleep that is sort of a Twilight meets Jungle Book type of teen fantasy romance. It is about the Dakota character from Sleep Warrior being attacked by a young female wolf cub when he was a kid and then encountering her again when they are both teens.

Sandi uses the service of Mary Kole; author of Writing Irresistible Kidlit: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Fiction for Young Adult and Middle Grade Readers, and hopes to have Moon Sleep to her by the end of the year for a professional edit as she did with both Sleep Warrior and Murder at the Magic Kingdom.  

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