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Some of the things that work for us...keeping cool at Disney's Animal Kingdom, living in Florida, and during our cruises

Keeping Cool at Disney's Animal Kingdom


Cooling Fan

This is great to fill with cold water and spray as you walk around - but beware of a wet shirt!  The hat I got in the shop in Frontierland, Magic Kingdom.


Cargo Shorts

These are light and dry quickly. Lots of pockets to store your baggies (I like to save part of my lunch.)


Arctic Chill Towel and Tank Top

I cut the cooling rag into 3 or 4 smaller rags to put in my pocket. It can be a handkerchief, or I rinse out in a water fountain and put a cool rag on my head. I sew bra cups into the tank top, cut off the bottom and use that for a facing. 


Keeping the Car Cool - Steering Wheel Cover, Seat Covers, and Windshield Guard for Equinox

I also have the My Chevrolet app installed to quickly find my car, start it (to get it cooling while I walk to it) and unlock all the doors. These items keep my little Equinox cooler on a hot day. Disney also has a Find My Car app. You don't want to be wandering around on  that hot pavement looking for your hot car!

Cruise Packing

Some of the things that made our cruises feel like home...

Packing and Planning

Full Face Snorkel and Full Body Swimsuit

Finally, no fogging up, swallowing salt water! The full body suit comes in handy if you're going to be in the sun all day or there is a report of sea lice (jellyfish larvae.)


Magnetic Hooks, Night Light, Cell Phone Holder, 22" Light Luggage, Suitcase Weight Scale

Some of the walls, around the mirror - are metal, so these hooks help you keep hats, gloves, and lanyards organized. The night light is perfect in the bathroom, and I like to keep my phone and boarding pass around my neck - and I could even record my clicking on my iWatch.


From Viking River Cruise YouTube

Rolling Back Pack, Black Travel Pants, Travel Adapter, Socks 


Books we recommend

Books about Technology:  Super Excel by Jack Ross
Books about Travel:

Yoga Stuff

I especially like the folding yoga mat - it fits nicely in a suitcase and I use it to pad my laptop


Yoga Socks

Pilates Yoga Non Slip Grips Socks 4 Pairs Sticky Ballet Workout Hospital Socks for Ladies


Yoga Mat

PFolding Yoga Travel Pilates Mat Foldable Easy to carry to Class Beach Park Travel Picnics 4mm thick


Yoga Pants

Women's Regular/Fleece Skinny Leg Work Pull on Slim Stretch Yoga Dress Pants w/Tummy Control